New 2018 Honda Odyssey Commercial: Your Kids Are Awful, We Have A Solution

2017 Honda Keep The Peace Odyssey Commercial screenshot - Image: Honda YouTubeThey’re monsters, fighting over a squeezable toy bus before the journey has even begun. They’re inattentive rascals, wearing headphones and tuning out their parents before Mom is even in the van. They’re instigators and agitators, wholly dependent upon parents to keep the peace.

Or are they? Are children really so bad that Honda’s very first marketing campaign for the fifth-generation 2018 Odyssey has to present a negative slant on the life of a parent?

Maybe not. But in an age in which conflict is fostered during live news coverage all day long, in which children are perpetually entertained so they don’t need to entertain themselves, in which there’s not enough time before Zoey’s pottery class and Aiden’s play date to source a conventional resolution, Honda’s Magic Slide seats produce a brilliantly eye-catching commercial, with a little help from animation.

Of course, my kids would never tussle like this.

Honda’s creative Keep The Peace ad, starring a pair of bellicose monsters during the first two-thirds of the spot, displays the wonders of Honda’s class-exclusive Magic Slide seats.

Not disclosed in the Keep The Peace commercial is the location of the second-row’s middle seat, the seat that makes the Odyssey an eight-passenger van.

While the Chrysler Pacifica can stow both the third and second rows of seats beneath the floor, the Honda Odyssey (like the Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona) requires complete removal of the second row perches. For the 2018 Odyssey’s ingenious Magic Slide seats to make full use of their range, the Odyssey’s eighth-seat has to consume space in your cargo area, your garage, or your basement.

Nevertheless, one quick pull separates kids who couldn’t resolve their issues, whose father apparently decided conflict resolution wasn’t on his docket this day, but whose smug look at the 0:43 mark tells you this is the best automotive purchase he’s ever made.

The wonders of Honda’s Magic Slide seats will also be revealed when the time comes for third-row access. But advertising simpler third-row access would only serve to remind parents that they had too many kids.

No, better to tell parents of two children that all of life’s problems are about to fade away. At its core, the message is simple: kids are awful, but Honda’s got you covered. 

Ah, it’s not so bad. Honda doesn’t hate kids. In fact, Honda has another clip of kids being cute.

But which one does a better job of selling you an Odyssey?

[Image capture: Honda/YouTube]

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