Marketing Boss Uwe Ellinghaus Resigns from Cadillac

Cadillac Championship edition

After overseeing the introduction of the “Dare Greatly” campaign, a move of company HQ to tony Manhattan, and an ad spot touting Super Cruise during the MTV Video Music Awards, Uwe Ellinghaus is resigning from his post as head marketing honcho at Cadillac.

Tapped by Caddy chief Bob Ferguson in 2014, Ellinghaus arrived at the luxury automaker after a stint at Montblanc International and, prior to that, nearly 15 years at BMW.

According to the industry site MediaPost, the resignation of Mr. Ellinghaus was prompted by “health issues which will require surgery and a six-month recovery.” The post went on to say he is leaving on good terms with the company and that “the door will always be open” for him.

Automotive News, which obtained an internal memo on Friday about the development, reported that Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen commended Ellinghaus for being a “steward in driving Cadillac’s brand transformation” and making “tremendous strides” in its global marketing and advertising.

Since the arrival of Ellinghaus, Cadillac has shifted its marketing from traditional ads focusing on horsepower and financing deals to creative television spots aired in places where Cadillac once feared to tread. Television spots for Super Cruise, pitching the brand’s semi-autonomous highway driving system, debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards, for example.

Cadillac’s “Dare Greatly” campaign was launched not long after launched Ellinghaus took the marketing reins at the company. Those ads first appeared during the 2015 Academy Awards, with a total of four television spots introducing the new tagline.

General Motors executives, including the president of Cadillac himself, have said the brand’s plateauing domestic sales reflect a car-heavy lineup in a U.S. market currently favoring crossovers and SUVs. Last month, the brand sold 13,359 vehicles in America.

[Image: General Motors]

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