1,000-mph Bloodhound SSC will conduct first test run in October

The actual attempt at the world land-speed record may be delayed, but the Bloodhound SSC is gearing up for launch. The project team has announced the 1,000-mph vehicle will conduct its first test run this October.

Previously, the Bloodhound SSC team was scheduled to attempt a run at a world record this coming October, but sponsorship qualms pushed the attempt to late 2018. The October date is significant, though. The Bloodhound SSC will fire up and test 20 years to the day that Andy Green steered the Thrust SSC to a world land-speed record in 1997. Green will also pilot the Bloodhound SSC this fall.

The team will first carry out “tie-down” tests with the jet engine running and the car chained to the ground. Here, the team will be able to check air intake, fuel, and electrical systems before actually setting a pilot behind the wheel. The jet engine and wheels shod with pneumatic tires will help in the testing process before final parts are fitted for its world-record attempt. All of the data collected in the tie-down and other dynamic tests will be crucial in planning the attempt next year in South Africa. The current record sits at 763 mph. As mentioned, the Bloodhound SSC is capable of going 1,000 mph.

Finally, all systems will be a go on October 15, 2017. Green will climb behind the wheel and put the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine-powered car to work. The team invites fans to witness the run, which will take place at Cornwall Airport Newquay in the United Kingdom. During the test, the car is expected to surpass speeds of 200 mph on the 1.7-mile runway.

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